SAA homepage Chase Sub Aqua Club is the oldest established diving club in the area and has along and enviable record of safe diving.

The club is affiliated to the Sub aqua Association, our governing body, which is recognised by C.M.A.S. (Confederation Mondiale des Activities Subaquatiques. - World Underwater Federation ).

The S.A.A defines a progressive series of diving qualifications,
each of which builds on the skills aquired previously.
If you require training, we can provide instruction, pointers, lectures, revision etc to cover all the theory and practical requirements for any qualification up to Dive Master and can issue qualifications up to Dive Supervisor.
A written test is also set at all levels with a nationally defined pass mark.

Before training commences you will have to join the S.A.A for your third party insurance and to receive your qualification book.

All members will eventually need their own diving equipment but we do not believe it is reasonable to expect new members to invest immediately. As a result the club has a selection of equipment available for training and early open water dives.

It is recommended that members do purchase their own basic equipment comprising of:-
mask, snorkel and fins.

Lecture & Social night Tuesday from 7:30pm onwards at Cannock Rugby Club, Huntington

Practical Scuba Sessions Friday 9:00 - 10:00pm , Chase Leisure Centre, Cannock
(Pied Piper Pub, Pye Green, afterwards)

Contact details

e mail:

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