SAA Fees - 2014

New Membership61.00*
Existing membership annual renewal48.00
New Student member53.00*
Student member renewal40.00
New Junior Membership48.00*
Junior membership renewal35.00
Senior membership48.00*
Senior membership renewal35.00

* New members below club diver will be required to purchase the
SAA student pack at 40, which includes the SAA Dive manual, decompression handbook, student tool book & CMAS card application

Full member - Over 18 yrs
Junior member - 16 - 18 yrs
Student member - 16 yrs upwards
Senior member - over 60 yrs

Note: members under 18 yrs require parental/guardian approval

Chase Sub-Aqua Club Costs - 2014

Adults Club fee per quarter47.00
Adults Club fee per month20.00*
Junior/Senior Club fee per quarter25.00
Junior/Senior fee per month11.25*
Student Club fee per quarter30.00
Student fee per month13.50*
Non-club members swimming3.00/night
* includes SAA fee for following year

Try Dive - free

Note :-
  • The club fees work out at 4.15 per week
  • Club members children can use the swimming baths free
  • All children must be with an adult
  • All persons swimming are bound by Chase Leisure Centre rules

The club has introduced fee payment by direct debit
The direct debit payment is set to cover club and SAA fees.
When paid over a complete year, for new members this means
payment of first years SAA fees up front, then direct debit*
covers club fees and subsequent years SAA fees.
  • £4.15 /wk after taking fitness test(A)test.
  • SAA fees paid separately to year end.
  • 20.00 for following month.
  • Direct debit payment £20.00/ month there after.


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