Chase Sub Aqua Latest News 2011

Chase Leisure Centre 25.08.12  Paul Rhodes on the Paralympic Torch run into Chase Leisure centre today. Chase Sub Aqua stall in the main gymn area (Too wet outside for a dive club!!! Pictures to follow soon on the gallery. Weymouth Weekend 23-25.03.12  Weymouth dive weekend went swimmingly and passed without incident .... OK, I lied. The run down to Weymouth did go well, despite missing the turn off on the A303. Once guided in to the B&B, rooms were nice and spacious,(apart from Andys broom cupboard. Outrage was boarded at 9am, ropes off by 10, and out round Portland Bill to the M2 off Chesil Beach. 4 boats out there so busy on the wreck. Sea 8-9oC temperature, but viz on the wreck 2-3m not the best! Outrage busy assisting on a rapid ascended diver from another boat when we surfaced, (think that's 3 out of 3 for helicopters on Weymouth trips. Thanks to the skip and the RNLI for very speedy assistance. Second dive on the reef (boulder field) off Portland bill on the way back in, viz a bit better at 5-6m  Second days diving almost scuppered by the Jaeger bombs on Saturday night in Finns (Good band on), took the shuttle boat service out of Scimitar Diving, on Cutlass out to the landing craft and bomardon unit , very silty, but nice sheltered dive inside the harbour.

 Sunday 08.04.12 Stoney Cove dive on Easter Sunday. Arrive with Phil at to find the barriers on the carpark, initially thought the place was shut, but driving round past the shop, there were cars on the car park. Very quiet for a Sunday, all 5 of our cars/vans got parked together at the waterside - unheard of!!! Water temp 9oC at the surface, 6-7oC at 22m. Exited at the launch slope on the first dive, only to find the surface something akin to the Dancing on Ice set. One rather nifty piroette later, I took my fins off and managed to get back up of me backside. Just a pitty Sut didn't manage to warn Andy before he did something the same. Note to self - use the steps next time. Viz 5m at the 6m shelf, 15m down at the 22.  

The next club dive date will be posted as soon as it's decided